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General Studies Mains Test Series 2014

GENERAL STUDIES MAINS PAPER – I (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society)
  1. Discuss the factors responsible for the rapid fall of Napoleon that had brought nearly the whole of Europeans control
  2. "French revolution rich in ideas poor in leadership". Discuss?
  3. Battle of plassay is a show case festival. Elucidate?
  4. It will be fallacious to argue that Jinnah did not lead, but it was led by the Muslim consensus critically. Elucidate?
  5. The process of mechanism industry often called the industrial revolution in Brian was not sudden? Analyse?
  6. There is an urgent need to revisit the 74th amendment? Discuss
  7. Discuss the legislative measures taken to stop domestic violence.
  8. Elaborate the gender aspects of the national rural livelihood mission
  9. How has globalization affected Indian culture? Does it pose a threat to our indigenous crafts and knowledge systems?
  10. Jiyo Parsi is a Campaign. Explain the provision and its objectives?

GENERAL STUDIES MAINS PAPER – II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)
  1. "Indian President is a king without kingdom". Critically evaluate?
  2. Bring about a comparison between the Rajya Sabha and the American senate on money matters in the wake of the latter’s role in forcing the United States federal government shut down in Oct 2013.
  3. Elaborate MPLAD?
  4. The general elections 2014 in India exhibit a complete reversal of trend in Indian politics. Is it’s a beginning of an end of coalition and regional politics. Comment?
  5. Write a short position of “GramSabha” in India’s three tire Panchayat Raj structure?
  6. Pressure groups often threaten democracy discuss?
  7. Discuss the recent controversy around the quality concerns of India Made drugs for poorer nations. To what extent, India’s response is justified? Opine.
  8. Difference between the salient features of RP Act 1950 and 51?

GENERAL STUDIES MAINS PAPER – III (Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)
  1. When compared with the rests of concept in economy, Inclusive growth is a multidimensional and 3D shaped concept. Discuss
  2. The Agricultural Bio-Security bill has been introduced to establish national bio-security systems. What are some of its main provisions for the same?
  3. RBI directives on Disabled ATM. Explain the norms and other effective conditions?
  4. Subdues, freebies, and heavy taxation are different terms and used by the Govt in various scenarios to make the Govt. run smooth and explain the factors and discuss briefly.
  5. "Naxalism is the outcome of a number of various factors political and economical in nature". Discuss
  6. A high scientific literacy rate is important for today’s technologically driven society. Comment
  7. Powerful Science communication is not present from the previous years so long and due to several reasons and led to have a lighter knowledge in Science and Technology. Discuss
  8. Examine the recent initiatives taken / announced in terms of Tiger conservation in the country.

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